What makes a university stand out are its people and ideas. What makes a university truly outstanding, though, is the way in which it helps its members to realize new ideas.
Professor Katharina Holzinger, rector of the University of Konstanz
Farbiges Glasdach
Farbiges Glasdach

The University of Konstanz in the German Excellence programmes

In the current Excellence Strategy programme, the University of Konstanz is one of eleven Universities of Excellence and/or consortia with this status in Germany. With its overall concept "University of Konstanz – creative.together" and with its two Clusters of Excellence: "Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour" and "The Politics of Inequality: Perceptions, Participation and Policies", the university has been successful in both funding lines of the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments. From 2007 onwards, Konstanz also received funding in all three funding lines of the precursor programme, the Excellence Initiative.

Current news

ERC Starting Grant for Anna St?ckl

The European Research Council (ERC) awarded a Starting Grant of 1.5 million euros in funding to Konstanz biologist Anna St?ckl for her project "Closing the loop in dynamic vision – from single photons to behaviour in extreme light environments" (or "DynamicVision" for short).

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A new large-scale research facility close by Konstanz allows the complex behaviour of animal groups to be studied in unprecedented detail.

Can we assess our own immune system?

A psychological study by the University of Konstanz suggests our brain can assess the state of our own health more precisely than we think – and it is probably even able to correctly evaluate the state of our immune system.

Blackbuck mating heaven

Teaser: The researchers Hemal Naik, Akanksha Rathore, and Vivek Hari Sridhar went to Rajasthan, India, to study the mating behaviour of blackbucks from a bird's eye perspective. Read what they encountered during six adventurous weeks in the field.

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