Professor Michael Stürner

The Vice Rector for Teaching is responsible for matters related to studying and teaching at the University of Konstanz.

He is ex officio member of the Rectorate and the Senate as well as an advisory member of the University Council. Additionally, he chairs both the Committee on Curricular Affairs and Life-Long Learning (ALW) and the university’s Central Examination Board. He also serves on the board of the Binational School of Education (BiSE), on the board of the Language Institute (SLI), and as chair of the Academy for Advanced Studies at the University of Konstanz (AWW).

Curriculum vitae
Since 2012 Professor Michael Stürner has been a professor of civil law, international private and civil procedural law, and comparative law at the University of Konstanz. He has been Vice Rector for Teaching since October of 2019. His research focusses on cross-border legal matters, transnational resolution of legal conflicts as well as the Europeanization of contract law. From 2017 to 2019, Professor Stürner was dean of studies in the Konstanz Department of Law and a member of the Extended Plenary Assembly of the university’s Cluster of Excellence "Cultural Foundations of Social Integration” that was funded in the framework of the German Excellence Initiative from 2006 until the end of October 2019. Additionally, Michael Stürner has been a judge at the Oberlandesgericht (higher regional court) in Karlsruhe since 2013. He also advises different public and private institutions including the Committee on Legal Affairs and Consumer Protection of the German Bundestag, the EU Commission and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für 明升体育_足球竞彩网-官网e Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).