Guest studies within the framework of cooperations with certain partner universities in the local region

Students take part in a larger lecture in the university auditorium
Lecture in the university auditorium

Who is this offer open to?

There are cooperation agreements, especially for students from the HTWG in Konstanz and the PHTG in Kreuzlingen (Switzerland), which enable them as guest students to attend supplementary courses at the University of Konstanz free of charge and to complete related achievements.

The same applies to students of a member university within the Lake Constance Arts & Sciences Association, who have the opportunity to attend individual courses or modules at a partner university across national borders.

How do you become a guest student?

Participation in guest studies must be applied for in writing at the University of Konstanz on a semester-by-semester basis. For subjects with restricted admission or certain areas, you should arrange* possible participation with the responsible person in the respective department or the the Language Institute (SLI) at an early stage, as otherwise this cannot be guaranteed. At the same time, interested students must also prove their status as a student of one of the partner universities mentioned. As a rule, proof is provided by submitting a certificate of enrolment for the semester in question. The complete "Application for participation as a guest student [pdf]" is then submitted to the Student Service Centre (SSZ) together with this proof.

*Since the winter semester 2023/24, the previous requirement for approval will generally no longer apply to all guest students and will be replaced by an early agreement.

By when should you have submitted the application?

Ideally, this should be done a few weeks before the start of the semester; however, at the latest by the start of the respective lecture period. After we have registered you centrally in ZEuS as a visiting student, you will also receive a so-called data control sheet together with the written permission, which contains, among other things, the important university mail account. This will give you access to the ILIAS learning platform and ZEuS. Through ZEuS, you can then upload a personal picture for use on the student ID card (= UniCard). You will use the UniCard again and again throughout the campus (canteen, copying).

Who processes your application?

Your application will be processed and prerequisites checked by the Student Service Centre (SSZ) on level B4. The SSZ will issue your participation permit for guest studies usually by postal mail. If you are interested in continuing to audit classes in the next semester, you must submit a follow-up application.

What legal requirements are there?

Bilateral cooperation agreements exist exclusively for the HTWG in Konstanz, the PHTG in Kreuzlingen (Switzerland), the University of Zurich (Switzerland) - only for students in the subject Political and Administrative Sciences, and for the Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen (ZU) - only for students in the subjects Sociology and Political and Administrative Sciences.

In addition, there is a multilateral framework agreement for study and teaching with the Lake Constance Arts & Sciences Association.